Sunday, October 09, 2005

Workin' with Dad

Tool time...
Don assembled Abi's crib yesterday with help from his assistant, Andrew. He was quite helpful and very patient when it came to "using" the tools. Don let him try each one as the process moved along. The best part is that they had such a great time together. I could hear them discussing each tool and what it did. It was so precious.

When they were done, Don brought the tools downstairs and said, "Now the last thing we do when the job is done is put away the tools." Andrew was not ready for them to be put away and voiced his opinion on the matter so Don decided just to sit with him in the living room and explore them more. Andrew really enjoyed checking each one out... until he dropped the hammer on his toe! Oh no! He cried a bit, but was tough. After that, they put the tools away in the basement together.

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