Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Update on Nana

After 4 good days...
Mom had four pretty good days after her chemo. But on Monday she has some tummy troubles. She was a bit frustrated to have made it through the days that are usually the hardest, only to be hit by surprise with the queasies. Tuesday was better. And she got out to the lab to have some bloodwork drawn to check her blood chemistries post-chemo. She has an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow (Thursday) to follow up after her first treatment.

Another blessing...
Some close friends who mom and dad go to church with stopped by on Monday night for a visit. They have been a constant support for my parents during mom's bought with ovarian cancer. They surprised them with a card from the members of the church, which contained a cash gift of $400! It is especially helpful since Dad has not been able to work much in the last two months. Dad is an auctioneer and antique handler. He pretty much drums up his own paycheck depending on what he get refinished in the shop and he's been able to spend very little time out there recently. Again, God just comes through with just what they need. I'm so encouraged!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Wen I'm sorry your mom had some quesy bouts from the chemo. My nephew always was sucking on peppermint candy to help with it.

What a wonderful church your parents belong to. God is good! Thinking of you, K