Sunday, October 23, 2005

The boy has wheels!

Hey, check me out!
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Andrew's birthday party was a so much fun! He chose 10 friends to come for a Wiggles birthday bash. Despite our original hopes of having a backyard party, we were driven inside by a 2 day rain fest. But it was cozy (read crampt) and fun (read chaotic). Hehee!

We enjoyed "Anthony's Workshop" where the kids had total run of the dining room as they hammered, cut, squeezed and rolled 12 cans of playdoh until all of it now resembles a psychadelic rainbow. Then they moved on to "Music with Murray" where they had run of the living room coffee table to decorate paper plate shakers filled with beans and rice with a world of colored markers and stickers.

The menu was based on the Wiggles song, "Hot-Potato." We had a Hot-Potato Hot-Potato bar, Cold Spaghetti-Cold-Spaghetti pasta salad and Squased-Banana Squashed-Banana pudding. And cake of course!

Before everyone left, the kids played "Captain Feathersword's Treasure Hunt" where they dug in an old trunk of mine, through packing peanuts, to find treasures such as whistles, markers, happy face tom-toms, candy and semi-precious (plastic) gems. They filled goodie bags to take home. The kids really enjoyed it!

Don was amazing. For a man who barely noticed little people before he had his own, he was enraptured by the children at this party. It was partly his Mr. Checks and Balances personality that made him keep things moving, but mostly his desire for Andrew to have a wonderful day with is friends. I am so proud of my husband, for the daddy that he has become. (swoon)

Of course Andrew enjoyed being the star of the show. So much that when he woke up this morning the first thing out of his mouth was, "I'm going to have another birthday soon." Haha! They are fun days indeed. I'm so glad it was so great for him. It was worth all of the time planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and setting up to see his face, and the faces of his friends full of smiles and wonder.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like tons of fun! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!

Wen said...

You're welcome... it was SO much fun!