Monday, October 29, 2007

Andrew and Jack

Andrew and Jack
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Andrew painted this pumpkin at a birthday party last weekend. He decided that it was the one (of the 4 on the front porch) that he wanted to carve. My boy does NOT like messy jobs like this, but he was a willing sport.

We found a fun website on Better Homes & Garden's site that lets you pick your pumpkin face then print out the template. So this guy is totally designed by Andrew.

After we finished Jack up and put him out on the porch, we toasted pumpkin seeds with olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and garlic salt. Makes me think of my mom. She always looked forward to nibbling on the pumpkin seeds.

Miss you mom.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cables To Frog

Cables To Frog
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Well, with good intentions I cast on a sock for hubby, trying cables for the first time. I love the look of this, a simple 8/10 cable repeat 6 times over 72 stitches. BUT... the cables, making it not-so-stretchy, are keeping it from going over his foot. So... back to the drawing board.

He's napping now but I'm going to consult him if he wants the same sock with 2 more cable repeats OR if he likes the look of this Gentlemen's Sock by Designedly,Kristi... we shall see.

The yarn is Trekking, ProNatura in chestnut... trying 2 circs for the first time. So far so good!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crock Lovin'

Crock Lovin'
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In a house with small children, you never know what you'll find when you turn the corner.

Now. How these two ended up like this, I have no idea. But when Don walked in on them in the bathroom the other day, you can see that they were just as suprised as he was when he captured them in their moment together.

Really guys? Right there in the middle of the pony-tail holders?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Andrew is 5!!

Veggie Tales Cake
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Happy Birthday to my Andrew, who turned 5 yesterday. Where has the time gone? I just can't believe it.

We celebrated with a back yard full of about 30 friends and a Veggie Tales theme on Saturday. It was beautiful weather for October so we just let the kids play while the adults chatted. I made a pot full of chili, pasta salad, veggies for dipping and some snacks for the kids. We finished off with a Bob and Larry cake, that I made as per Andrew's request.

Andrew got lots of crafty presents, DVDs, playsets, Planet Heros and a new Hot Wheels bike! He was thrilled with each gift he recieved. He said to me yesterday that he wants to have a thankful heart about his birthday presents and not just be happy to get more stuff. Seems that Madame Blueberry Veggie Tales movie is sinking in. Hooray!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Papaw and Nayna Visit

Papaw Nayna Abigayle
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We've had a great week of family time. Dad and Dana made a trip to see fall foliage and grand babies! They drove the length (south to north) of West Virginia and caught the leaves through the senic passes in peak. They also made a trek up into NY state, to the town of Oxford, to do some poking around and look for some info on dad's ancestors. Then they came down to our house and visited for 3 days. We enjoyed them for dinner on Sunday night, then all day Monday and most of the day Tuesday.

Dana has fallen in LOVE with Roots. They went home with the car packed full of goodies. But not straight home! When I spoke to them on Thursday morning, they had taken the Blue Ridge Parkway for more than 250 miles of sight seeing on Wednesday and were on their way to Gatlinburg, TN... and weren't sure when they might make it back to Alabama, or where they might stop on the way!!

I'm so glad they came. It gave Don and Andrew a chance to meet our new grandmother, as dad remarried this summer. And we are all truly in love with Nayna (Dana). What a wonderful woman. I'm not sure how my dad managed to have someone as wonderful as my mother love him for 42 years and now after her passing, find another woman that is so kind and generous. Most people don't find that even once in a whole lifetime. He's a very blessed, and pretty special, guy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Whole Haul from Stitches East 2007

Whole Haul from Stitches East 2007
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Hooray for a Saturday full of friends, shopping, yarn, knitting and great food!

Yesterday 4 knitting friends and I ventured down to Baltimore for Stitches East 2007. We met at Bob Evans for a delicious breakfast at 7am. We were on the road, headed down to meet a 6th friend, by 8:15am. It was a seamless journey until we hit the the Baltimore Marathon road closures around inner harbor. That was not a surprise though, as we had anticipating it. With a few detours, and some creative driving on my part, we found our favorite parking garage next door to the Baltimore Convention Center by 9:40am. We hurried over and got our tickets and made it to the door to be some of the first shoppers in at 10am. Weee!

My haul as pictured above:
Market Guide
2 Addi Turbos, US#1 in 16" and 20" to try socks on 2 circs
Adorable knitting magnet for the Mama Van from Uncommon Threads
3 hanks of STR (Faulty Dyer, Jonagold & Pink Granite)
1 hank of Cherry Tree Hill (Earth)
Trekking Pro Natura (Brown)
Regia 4 fadig (Blues/Browns)
Regal worsted by Briggs Little and dragon fly button for a Lucy Bag - already started

PLUS yarn for my Secret Spook Exchange with my local SnB

After a fulfilling day of shopping, spending and giggling, we finished our trip with a delcious meal at Carrabas in Hunt Valley, MD on the way home. Ahhh... it was a lovely and FULL day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blue Ribbon Socks!!

Blue Ribbon Socks!!
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Inspired by my girlfriend, Alyssa, I entered some knitting in the Manheim Farm Show Fancy Work competition. I was so proud to learn that Don's Lozenge socks won 1st place in the adult sock category and Abi's hoodie won 2nd place in the children's sweater category.

The Show is this week and the kids have really enjoyed spending time over there, just a couple blocks from our house. We've already been twice and have plans to go back today and at least one more time before it concludes on Friday. Tonight is the big Farm Show Parade that we look forward to every year. Its not fall until Farm Show time!

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