Sunday, October 31, 2004

New time today...

Fall back...
Well it happened last night. Some time around 2am, time rolled back for everyone. For me it rolled back before I went to bed. So instead of falling in the sheets at midnight, suddenly it was 11pm. Our son had no idea it was a time change night. But he slept until 8am old time... 7am new time. Yay me! I got 8 hours. Wonders never cease. I'm sure Don came to bed late, I'll check his blog for a late/early morning entry. He thinks he should still stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights when he was a teenager. Bother. I wonder if he will stop that by age 40??

Today is Sunday. We go to our little church today and woship our BIG God. I'm so glad. We had to miss last week and our Wednesday night prayer meeting because of other things on the schedule so I'm feeling very distant from my little church family. I wonder who might miss today because they forgot to set their clocks back.

I'm sure we'll go see the inlaws today after church. Its what we do!

T minus 2 days until the election. Go Bush!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Me? Blog? Hmmm..

So I got myself blog. What should I do with it? Journal? Diary? Musings? I just don't know.

What SHOULD I do with it??