Thursday, October 13, 2005

4 Years Ago Today

I married the sweetest man I know.

We wed at
Fellowship Baptist Church
in Mount Joy, PA.

Don's $1 estate
auction suit
I snagged. Still

the best wedding
story we have.

Our beautiful
flower daughter, MG.
She was 5 then.

I love this picture
of my mom.
I have
no idea what
she was doing!

Nana (my mom) and
Grandma (Don's mom)

being radiant

the cake


Addie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary! It will be 4 years for us in December. Congratualations to you all!

v said...

Happy anniversary! Time does fly by fast! So basically, when I met you Wen, you were almost a newly wed? You became pg almost right away! (no time to lose! lol)

Love ya both! Hope you have lots of fun on this great weekend of celebration!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversay!!! It is hard to believe that is MG. You all look wonderful!

Wen said...

That's right V. We got married in October of 01, and I was pregnant by the first week of Jan 02! Andrew's original due date was Oct 13... our 1st anniversary!

Danielle said...

awwwww what sweet pictures....i was just looking through mine. i need to put them on a page. maybe i'll do that now.

Jules said...

Wen, I didn't realize you were such a newly wed when you were pg. with Andrew!

Look at what a little blondie MG was back then!

What loving pictures!

H said...

Great pics! MG looks so precious!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Look at MG?! What a little blondie. K