Tuesday, October 25, 2005

2 ballerinas, a race car driver and Sleeping Beauty... and 3 babies!

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It was rainy, cold and generally nasty today so we invited some friends over to play. They arrived just before it was time to walk down and get Andrew from school and stayed until after 5pm. It was a fun filled afternoon of smiles, snacks and sillyness. Oh how we do love our friends!

The kids demolished every room in the house while my lovely friends E and C sat with me, scarfing left over baked potatoes from the birthday shindig, tending to babies and heaping upon each other precious friendship. The children played very well today and the babies enjoyed all the aparatus that today's spoiled babies could stand.

It was a sunny day here inside, despite the rain.


Addie said...

Friends have a way of doing that. :-) Glad you got some mommy rejuvination time!

Heather T said...

Looks like you guys had fun!