Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Guess what???

I'm pregnant! Yahoo! I've known for a few weeks but haven't been a faithful blogger as of yet. I'm 7 weeks no and still no sign of the ickies. I hope I don't have morning sickness this time either. Everyone keeps telling me that it should be showing up by now if I was going to have it. What I have noticed is that I cant eat as much at mealtime... I don't seem to finish a plate anymore. When I am eating and get full its a like a switch goes off and the thought of bringing food to my mouth again makes me nauseated. Funny, I'm ok when I'm empty, but get queasy when I'm full. And that only seems to happen at dinner... quite the opposite of what is expected normally. But as long ad I heed my body's trigger that its done, I'm just fine.

I went to the office today for my first visit... just saw the nurse. She asked me a million and one health history questions... now that I don't remember from the last time. I think Bea (an older nurse who has now retired... gosh I miss her already) was much more relaxed that than this nurse Ratchet that did our overview today. I got all of the reminders about listeria (hot dogs, deli meats and soft cheeses), seafood/tuna, saccharins and a million other things. I wanted say, "my youngest just turned two... I GOT IT ALREADY!" but I was quiet and answered her questions.

I did wave the HIV and cystic fibrosis screens. I just had them 2 years ago... if I wasn't a carrier of CF then, I won't be one now. And I figured my chances of having contracted HIV in the last 2 years if fairly slim being a faithful, conservative Baptist housewife and all. LOL But I do have to go for the prenatal screen bloodwork this week some time, so that the results are back by the 27th when I see the doctor for the first time. I'll be 9 weeks then... probably won't be able to hear a heatbeat yet though. Darn it. I'll just have to wait until Feb for that.
All is well though, which is blessed news.

More soon!