Sunday, October 30, 2005


Mom has been getting around a bit more. Yesterday (Saturday)
their church
had a rummage sale and chili cook off. Dad cooked on Friday, making his delectable entry to the competition. So they headed over around 10am for the cook off. Mom said she stayed about 3 hours and did pretty well. Dad won 3rd place!

Today they are going to church again for Sunday school and services. Mom really sounded wonderful on the phone today. She went on Thursday to have her fluid drained again. She was frustrated that it was coming back, but encouraged that it took a bit longer this time. Hopefully Wednesday's chemo coming up will eliminate that from happening again.

She got yet another HUGE blessing this week. A friend of a friend had outgrown some clothing and was planning to get rid of it. Since mom has lost about 5 sizes, nothing she had fit her anymore. So she received heaps of clothing through her friend. She said there must be a hundred belts alone! And just container after container of clothing. God just keeps showing us how he takes good care of her!

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