Thursday, October 26, 2006

There's a Cello in my Toaster

And dice. Life is fun with a 1 year old. Dangerous but crazy fun too.

I was making some waffles for Andrew the other night and something inside the toast caught my eye when I went to get the waffles out. Something lavender and polka-dot. It was not food.

It was a little plastic dice piece. A junk toy from a vending machine at the mall. I keep my toaster on a shelf on the bottom of my kitchen island. Readily accessible. To everyone it seems.

There is something else down thereI called Don in to see the dice, sort of giggling under my breath knowing that we'd successfully escaped a fire. He looked in. And he said, "keep looking, there is something down there besides dice."

Sure enough, a little metal cello Christmas ornament rested on the bottom with the crumbs. I think we'd better keep an eye on the VCR and the disk drive.

Nana News

Mom's doc has given her an ok for discharge and she's going to come home from the hospital today. They successfully moved her from the nebulizer for breathing treatments to an inhaler. And got her on pills for an antibiotic instead of through the IV. She will continue on her oxygen, as she has since last summer.

She still gets out of breath when she gets up for anything, but the doc believes that is because the pneumonia is still clearing out, and because honestly, she is just whipped physically.

So she'll be home by this afternoon. Hooray!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ever feel like you've been in a vortex??

Not literally of course, but like you've been so sucked so deeply into your own schedule that life around your own personal borders seems to have passed you by?

I always did when I had a new infant. All 3 times, with each child, somewhere around 4 months or so it suddenly dawned on me that while I was so caught up new family dynamics the world was still going on. And it happened after my divorce too, I had about a year or downtime where I could see the hustle and bustle in the distance, but I wasn't part of it really.

In the last 2 weeks we've had so much stuffed into our family schedule, I've felt like the little metal ball inside a pinball machine just bouncing from one gig to the next. I knew there was a world out there, because we were doing things involving the world, driving cars, flying on airplanes, celebrating birthdays, going to hospitals... it was all living and breathing. But I could only focus on my children and who needed what, when. Whew.

And today its Monday. Its all done. And suddenly I'm back from my own little circus of activity. Its quiet now. I like quiet.

Happy 4th Birthday, Andrew!!!

I can't believe you're 4, my sweet baby boy!

We delighted in numerous celebrations over the last week. One Diego cake in Alabama. One set of cupcakes at Grandma and Dzaidzai's house on Saturday. A second Diego cake with friends at a bonfire and pumpkin patch event on Saturday night, and mini-cupcakes with preschool friends to boot! We didn't have an offical "party," but Andrew got to share his special day, and days for that matter, with all the people he loves. What a great opportunity to share the fun!

Bama Trip

Click the photo for a slideshow of all our Bama moments.

Andrew, Abi and I are back from a whirlwind trip to Alabama for 5 days. It was a bittersweet visit because even though we were there for a happy visit with my parents and Mary Grace, mom ended up in the hospital with pneumonia while we were there. She keeps apologizing to me for that, the stinker. I mean, you really can't choose when you're ill can you? Wouldn't that be convenient??!?!

She is still in the hospital, which is imposing a break on her chemo. That is a relief but the chemois much needed of course. Meanwhile, mom is struggling with getting the congestion to go away, all the while struggling to get enough oxygen IN. I take for granted my own breathing. Until I saw her working to get bronchial spasms under control (which you can't really do it turns out), I never really thought of how scary it is to loose, or loose control over, your own breath. That was so hard to see. And even harder for her to endure.

We didn't have much time for any running around while there. My grandmom came to us to visit, at mom's, as I didn't have wheels this stay. I did manage to see a University of Alabama game, my alma mater, while there. A very dear girlfriend from North Alabama had tickets... she ditched her hubby and kidnapped me for the game. What a treat! They defeated Olde Miss in overtime, 26-23. Very cool! It was the first time I'd been to a game since I graduated in 1992. Rolllllll Tide Roll!!

We also celebrated Andrew's birthday a bit early, so he could share it with big sis Mary Grace, Nana, Papaw and Granny. It was a fun evening... we filled out bellies with papaw burgers, cake and shared lots of smiles and presents. Just lovely!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Unraveling the Alpaca

Alpaca Mosaic
Originally uploaded by wenjomatic.
My good friend Lauri gave me her gorgeous 100% alpaca sweater to recycle. Its fantastic, but just too hot to be worn very often and she hated to see it sit in her drawer winter after winter.

I wasn't sure I'd find the right end originally but I turned it inside out then stretched the neck and saw the yarn end moving inside where it had been woven in. Once I got it out, it quickly came apart.

The fair-isle color work around the neck had me a bit worried. But I was pleasantly surprised that it came apart so easily. I pulled a few yards out at a time, then wound each color separately so it didn't tangle.

Detail of fair-isle.

I've cast on and knitting around 120 stitches for a tote. I'm just going to wing it and see what I come up with, since I have no clue how much yardage there is. We'll see what it turns into.

Janene's Guide to Free and Easy Living

On my local playgroup message board someone posed the question "how do you keep on top of it all?" She is struggling with keeping the house clean, meals, caring for 3 children. You know, being a June Cleaver.
There were lots of answers and tips. But one really struck me, because we must have had the same Home Ec instructor. I thought her guide was blog worthy...

Janene's guide to free and easy living:

1) NEVER clean the house unless someone is coming over

2) NEVER have people over so you don't have to clean

3) Your only necessary accomplishment every day is to feed your kids and keep them healthfully clean. Not hygenically clean, heathfully clean. This means they are clean enough not to get sick. Everything else is negotiable

4) Your kids will remember love and attention 20 years from now, not your messy house

5) Life will only be this way for 5 more years, and then hopefully you can carve out 2 hours a day to do the stuff you feel guilty about not doing now while the kids are in school. Think about that. Only 5 years.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hoodie Model

Hoodie Model
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As Andrew used to say from the highchair, "all done!"

Last night at the SnB I finished seaming the hoodie and wove in the yarn ends. It was so rewarding to finish my first garment (Abi's dress took the back burner since this was for spring) and be able to hold it up for my knitting buds to see. My confidence was bolstered with a round of "hoorays" and cheers. What a great group!

Hoodie Complete So its currently 47 degrees and we walk down to preschool in less than an hour! He will get to wear it this morning! I'm so excited! And he is too!

Pattern: Penny by Berroco

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky, Canyon

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Parade Route

I love this time of year. Here it is parade season so our local school band is gearing up for all the gigs they have over the next few months. We just happen to live on the same street as the middle school. So we get our own personal parade every M-F morning between 8:15 and 9am, as they practice. Marching band must be first period. LOL This year the song of choice is "When the Saints Go Marching In" which just makes you get up and march. Last year we enjoyed 3 months of Funkytown. Hahaha!

Here is a little clip of the kids enjoying their own little parade. They came by three times today!

The Marching Barons

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Luscious Lorna

Sounds like a call girl but its actually my newest yarn acquisition.

A knitting girlfriend, OCKKaren, has connections with a yarn shop that went out of business this spring. The owner and hand spinner of Yarn on the Farm, Joann Sadler, sold much of her inventory to a new shop owner. But what she retained, she's been offering to her friends at an amazing deal. Pretty much her cost.

Last night 8 of us knitters and our mascot, a very cool non-knitter who thinks we're fun, went over hill and dale out to the farm. Literally a farm, where Joann raises her own sheep. It was a leap back it time. She extended her amazing deal to us, since Karen knits with us in the SnB.

I scored 3 beautiful hanks of Lornas Lace from the Butterflies and Bullfrogs line, in the color Prairie. I can't wait to put it on the needles, but there is so much ahead of it. This will be my post-holiday knit. I'm really looking forward to it!

We rounded the evening out with Chicken Fried, Country Fried, Gravy drenched dinners and cream pies at Silk City Diner in Adamstown, PA. Or were we still in Stevens? Or maybe Reamstown? I don't know... all those places run together after a bit. Anyway... good, good stuff!

Wedding Washcloths

Washcloth Detail
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Current project on the needles, well one set of needles: a wedding gift in progress.

Hubby's coworker is getting married on Saturday so Im making them a set of washcloths to match their towels (ivy and khaki). Using Country Sage Ombre, by Sugar & Creme.

Pattern from Knitting Pattern Central,
Raised Triangle Washcloth

I think we need some at home too!
Washcloth in Progress

Monday, October 02, 2006