Monday, October 10, 2005

Pics from Grandma

We generally visit with Don's parents on Sunday afternoons and last weekend Grandma snapped some pictures that I had to share. Here's Andrew and his Dziadzi (Polish for grandfather) cleaning up the front yard. I mentioned it in a previous post (Male Bonding). They both enjoyed each other quite a lot. Despite the 70 year difference in age, they are both still just boys playing in the yard.

While there, Grandma wanted to see Abi in her bonnet that Aunt Linda, Don's sister, had crocheted before she was born. Unfortunately its been quite warm and Abi has not had a chance to wear it yet. We brought it along so Grandma could take some pictures. Its beautiful on her little round, pink head. What a treasure!


Linda said...

Ah, precious Wendy, how *wonderful* your wee peanut looks in her bonnet! But I think it makes her sad --- too hot? too tight?

Thanks so much for stopping by my own weblog. Working like blazes here -- about 24 hours away from releasing my first online course in digital photography. Looks to me like you should be *teaching* it!

Love you all tons:::Aunt Linda

Wen said...

She's not sad... just serious. She gets that from her dad!!