Friday, October 07, 2005

Trapped in the car

I'm soaked...
Eeesh, its raining cats and dogs here. (What does that really mean anyway?) We were out this morning for toddler gym then went to the mall with our friends. While there the rain really picked up. I managed to get both kiddos in the car to head home before the buckets full started falling but when we arrived and the deluge had hit, I decided just to sit in the car with my slumbering children instead of waking them up just to drench them during the dash inside. ICK. Radar image from AccuWeather

It was nice to sit and think for a bit. I made some mental notes about things I need to get for Andrew's 3rd birthday coming up in a few weeks. I closed my eyes for a while and listened to both kiddos snore. I thought about Don at work... and said a little thankful prayer that its Friday and he'll be home the next two days. I thought about my highschool girlfriend Celeste who is due with her 4th child this month. I need to call her and see if the baby has arrived. I thought about my mom and prayed for her a long while.

It was a nice little unexpected blessing to be trapped in the car. It made me stop in my own tracks, though I was frustrated at first, and realize I needed a few quiet moments. Slow down, Wen.

Speaking of liquid...
Mom's appointment with her pulmonologist yesterday went well. Unfortunately she learned that the fluid is building up around her lungs again. Boo hiss. They are checking with the oncologist to see if he wants them to remove it. The good news is that she's not struggling to breath, so its not so much as before. Her blood gases looked pretty good.

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