Friday, October 07, 2005

Out of breath

Dashing to the phone...
I called my parents to check on mom and dad answered out of breath. He says to me (this is shocking)... "I was just downstairs ironing and ran up the steps to get the phone so your mom wouldn't get up."

I'm not shocked that he ran up the stairs. But its shocking to hear him say he is ironing! Then he tells me that he spent yesterday cleaning the house. I joked and said, "when you're done, you can come clean mine." He replied, "oh its never done, I just had worked in the yard mowing the day before so I had to catch up." Hello. My dad just realized that housework is never done. How cool is that?

I'm so proud of him! He's really taking great care of my mom and keeping things up around the place.

Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone.
- Gertrude Stein


vgarr said...

I was just browsing blogs and found yours. I really like it.

Have a good day

Wen said...

Thanks! Glad to know you're reading. I'll check you out!

Don said...

I think what your dad has realized here is not that the work is never done so much as that he now has to do it. It was done before, just not by him.

I came to a similar realization after Abi was born, when I had to help with much of what you previously did on your own. I am happy to see that your dad obviously sees these new duties as a blessing, not a burden. That's the way I've seen things here; the necessity of caring for one's wife is the greatest of blessings for a husband.


Anonymous said...

Wen and Don, Mark has made the same realizations as Don and your father since I came back from my last stay in the hospital. We've always been big on sharing the household duties about 50-50% since we are both working parents outside the home and now that I can't barely do anything, it makes it really hard for him to have it 'all done' and he feels like it's an eternal circle that never ends... There is always something to do! I love him so much for all that he does and I told him what you said, Don and he really agreed and thought that was something really inspiring to hear. While Wen's mom, Wen when she was just back from her c/section and I, right now, until I come back from the hospital with Selma in my arms are doing the sacrifices for the family 'physically', you, Wen's dad and Mark are doing them otherwise. Thank you for being such great spouses!

Anyhoo, I had also another comment Wen that you can pass on to your mom... This morning, I awoke to shooting pains in my pelvis and stomach and had quite a bit of contractions. I took my painkiller and, while it started making me feel better, it also gave me nausea which eventually led to me vomitting since I hadn't have anything in my stomach since dinnertime last night... Needless to say, I wasn't feeling good... After crying it out for about 30 minutes, Mark petting my hand and hair, trying everything to make me feel better, I stood up and started dressing up, announcing that I would stop feeling so sorry for myself when other people are going through much worse. And your mom, Wen, came to my mind right away. I had a quick silent prayer for her and it made me smile instantly. I think I 'somewhat' connected with her for a brief moment (the power of the mind and prayer) as if she responded to me... Anyways, I just thought I'd let you know. She's always in my heart and prayers, Mark and I think of her very frequently. If she can just hold on and be brave, I can definetely hold on and be brave 5-6 more weeks right?

Love you Wen, and your whole family, call your mom and tell her you love her today! (I know you would anyways!)

V xoxo
PS And please, don't worry about me: I'll be alright today, I think, the painkillers are really working right.

Wen said...

V, you are so precious. You made me tear up to hear that you are thinking of my mom when you are going through so many struggles of your own right now. I love you so much honey. I'm so blessed to call you a close friend.

Thank you for sharing your unique prospective.