Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mom went to Heaven on Christmas Day

I haven't been keeping up here with all that has been going on with traveling and mom passing. But for those who have been praying so faithfully I wanted to let you know that mom went to be with the Lord on Christmas Day. She is a stinker... her favorite day has always been Christmas and we truly believe she was holding out. What an incredible fighter she was. She wanted to arrive on the day of the big birthday party! What a day to go to Heaven!

We miss her terribly but are so relieved that her pain and suffering is over. She had a new body now and is living among the angels. For us its hard to be without her, but its just a blink of an eye really in the eternal timeline.... we'll all be together one day.


I've been taking a blogging break with all of the busyness but soon I plan to be back. With a new look and lots of updates on the children and my knitting adventures.

Thank all of you for your fantastic prayers and support of my mother and my family. You have been so faithful to us. We are grateful in a way that mere words cannot express. You are a blessing!