Monday, November 26, 2007

Abi in preschool?

Eeek! Andrew's preschool director informed me last month that she's going to do a class, starting in January, for 2.5-3 year olds. It will run for the second half of the school year. She really wants Abi to attend. Honestly, she's been saying for Abi's whole life that she can't wait to get her hands on her. In the best way of course. ;)

So we decided to do it! She'll be going one morning a week from 9-11am, and I think my girlfriend K is going to enroll her daughter as well. So the gal-pals will have school together.

Its bittersweet though. I remember enrolling Andrew early... not even 3 yet, because Abi was born and he needed something new and exciting for just him. And here we are again. I guess when you look at it like that though, she's only starting at an age thats 5m younger than he did.

Wow. How does it all go by so fast?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Front Page!!

Front Page
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I'm on the front page! Crazy.

A couple of weeks ago, my SnB was interviewed as we knitted at Barnes & Noble. We knew the journalist was doing an article on younger knitters but we had no idea it would be a feature! On Thursday of that same week she sent a photographer! Here is the article as it appears in yesterday's paper.
Here is the write up as it appeared in the "Your Life" section of our local afternoon paper. On Tgiving weekend no less!

In The Loop

Several of us were quoted!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mama and the Elves

Mama and the Elves
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A bit of early holiday cheer!! This is pretty fun... a friend sent me the link...

WATCH US DANCE: Mama and the Elves

You can make your own. Elf Yourself!

Friday, November 16, 2007

40 pounds!!

40 pounds!!
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I haven't said much here on my blog because I've been afraid to put it in print, but I've been working really hard on getting healthy. Afraid because I've just given up so many times before.

But. In early June I started walking with a friend, meeting her at the high school track at 6am so we could get a mile or two in before our husbands went to work. I also started eating more sensibly. Avoiding excessive processed and high-glycemic carbohydrates. As its gotten colder we moved to walking at the mall the last couple weeks. And the pounds have been slowly and steadily going away. 40 pounds now! In 5 months time.

Today, to celebrate reaching my 6 month goal more than a month early, I joined a small gym here locally. I did a little time on the treadmill today while Abi made herself with the childcare room, where she did great (of course). On Monday I'm going back for an orientation session with the trainer so I can learn to use all the machines and contraptions. I'm thrilled I'll be able to step it up a bit now.

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged, inspired and cheered me on! I can't do this without you! Mwah!

Pilgrim Hat Cookies

Pilgrim Hat Cookies
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Today was Andrew's special sharing day at preschool. That means he gets to bring something special from home to share with his class. It can be a book, a toy... pretty much anything he wants to share with his friends. We can also bring a special snack.

I glanced at the calendar on the wall earlier in the week and noticed they would be having a lesson on Pilgrims today. So I came home and Googled "Thanksgiving Snacks" as well as brain stormed with my playgroup moms, and came up with these Pilgrims Hat Cookies.

Instead of buying the cookies, as the recipe suggests, Andrew and I went to work during Abi's nap yesterday and baked some chocolate brownie cookies. He loves working with me in the kitchen and it was nice to know what went into the cookies, and to have his expert help.

They turned out so cute and just perfectly yummy! I'm so glad we took the time to do something special.
My Pilgrim

Monday, November 05, 2007

Monkey Socks Complete!

My creation
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These yummy socks took a while with a long hiatus in the middle. Just as I finished the first one I cast on a couple Christmas knitting projects. But I pushed and got them finished this weekend.

They feel SO good, though I do wish I'd chosen size 1 dpns instead of 2s. They are not TOO loose, but they are definitely roomier than I'm used to. Though my last Socks that Rock yarn did draw up a bit upon washing, so maybe they will turn out perfect in the end.

I love the fall colors of the Cracked Canyon colorway. The pattern was way easier than I'd anticipated. I thought they would be SO hard. But its true as knitters say... there really are only 2 stitches to learn... the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Its all just what you do with them.

Yarn: Socks That Rock in Cracked Canyon, medium weight
Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A, from Knitty

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fall Into Fitness

We Finished
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I can hardly believe it! I walked in a 5K race today! I did it! I finished and wasn't even last (barely). LOL

My friends and I got up early and braved the cold this morning to Fall Into Fitness at Overlook Park. There were lots of power runners present and others like ourselves, just begging to get healthier. It was a lot of fun, and loads of laughs. Good thing we can laugh at ourselves!

My goals were to a) finish and b) finish in under an hour. I did both! Walking all summer, my friend and I had been averaging between 20-24m a mile and I wanted to do the 5K (3.1 miles) in under sixty minutes. I finished in 55:44. Pretty sad if you look at it from a true runner's prospective, but pretty darn good if you look at it from where I was early summer.

I'm so glad I did it. I can't wait to do it again!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Siblings Are Great

Reading Curious George
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Just a couple moments from our days this week. As Abi gets more and more verbal her relationship with her brother is getting more and more special. Andrew is so good about sharing things with her. Yesterday he wanted to read to Abi and he picked out a set of Curious George books my grandmother gave him several years ago.

Racing MarblesToday they are in the kitchen playing with the Marble Run that suction-cups to the side of the refrigerator. Andrew asked me to put it up while she napped and then pulled a stool up for her as soon as she woke up. He loves playing with Abi. She loves doing everything Andrew does.

I love that they get along so well. There is only one thing missing... and she starts with MG.