Monday, October 24, 2005

The holidays are coming!

Ack! Tomorrow is the 25th of October. Two months until Christmas. How did that happen. Wasn't it just summer? Didn't I just have a baby? Its been three months this week since Abi's birth. How does this happen? I think little gnomes come in at night and speed up the clock. There is just no way we can be approaching winter. No way.

Abi. I'm trying to get a jump on things. I've gotten Abi's gifts sewn up. I was perplexed for a while about what to get for her, since we have more baby toys now than we could ever possibly need. Then a friend shared a link with me for a fabulous sale of Angelina Ballerina items. So I decided to go that route... buy now and give it to Abi for Christmas this year... for later. Its not like she'll care right? She's going to be fascinated with lights and bows for a while. Meanwhile she can be playing with the things we already have, and new goodies will be waiting in the wings when she is ready for them.

Andrew. He's pretty easy to shop for. And I'm actually going to a Discovery Toy party tomorrow night. So I'm hoping to get some things for him take care of. Boys are generally easy... things with wheels, things that bounce, a few outfits and its done. I figure we'll focus on Thomas Train stuff this year too. I was talking about that with Grandma last night. He does love Thomas.

Mary Grace. She's a bit harder to shop for. Clothes seem like the obvious choice for an almost 10 year old, but she's going through the awkward time of her pre-adolescence where her body is an awkward shape. So it doesn't pay to buy things ahead... she simply must try them on. She's beyond dolls and barbies. But not ready for teenage things. She loves art goodies, so perhaps we'll focus on that.

Don. He's put in his request already, so I just need to get that goodie before Santa makes his appearance. So. Maybe this Christmas-Shopping-2005 thing is not as daunting a task as it seemed 10 minutes ago when I started tying this post.

Lets get shopping!

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