Saturday, October 29, 2005

I love the weekend!

Chilly Ride...
Last night, Andrew and I went to our church's annual fall hayride and hot dog roast. We had a fun evening. Andrew got to run around in the barn lot with the other young boys. He really enjoyed tagging along, being the youngest. He handled his responsibility of holding the dog's leash very well when it was his turn. They got to see baby goats and chickens as well.

The hot dogs, marshmallows and brownies were delish! The hayride was so much fun. Andrew really enjoyed it. He didn't take his eyes off the tractor pulling us the whole time as we sat toward the front of the wagon at his request. It was quite cold but we were bundled up. He cheered when we began moving and pointed out every little thing he noticed along the way.

Girl time and boy time...
Mary Grace called me this morning to get my brother's (her uncle's) phone number. She wanted to call and talk to her cousin, Lindsay. A little while later she called to ask for his cell phone number. It appears the girls have been scheming! LOL My brother and wife are coming over to MG's area to shop and they are going to drop Lindsay by while they do their thing. MG is 9 and Lindsay is 10. Should be a loud afternoon. Mom said she called her today as well. That girl is getting way to close to being a teenager for my comfort level.

I'll be having some girl time this evening myself. My friend E and I are headed back for another round at Target, then probably either dinner out or dinner back here while we enjoy some chat time. The boys, Don and Andrew, are going to his friend C's house for guy time, which means football. Somebody is playing somebody that makes it worth getting together.

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