Friday, September 30, 2005

A crowning day

Fridays are usually pretty busy for us, we have toddler gym in the morning then we're off to the mall to hang out with friends for playtime, lunch and shopping. Today was no exception. Abi obliged me by snoozing while we shopped for some fall shoes for Andrew. I really wanted another pair of those cool swede slip ons by Lands End from Sears, but they were out of his size. Instead we found a very nice pair of brown leather shoes. A bit dressier, but still casual for jeans. And VERY little boy. I love them and so does Andrew. He had to walk around in them for a bit after we got them before getting back into the stroller. He was so proud, he strutted around a bit. So cute.

While at the mall, we made our weekly stop in the A Dollar Store of course. This week Andrew picked out turtles instead of frogs. He's had a great time with them this afternoon. I found some sparkly pipe cleaners so I tossed them on the counter. Andrew didn't realize I got them and was very excited to see them this evening. He asked me to make him a crown. Of course Abi had to have one too!

We rounded out our day by taking a trek to BJ's. It was time for kid supplies... diapers, formula, "chicken nuts". You know, the truckload size packages. Good stuff.

Now everyone is home and tucked into bed. I love my beautiful children. The best news is IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! Daddy's home for the weekend!

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Robin said...

Oh my gosh! Wen--we love you already. Please keep coming to see me and Holly. I am on yours all the time so I have added you to my bloglines.

No worries girlie!