Sunday, September 25, 2005

Daddy duty

Up in the night...
Don is a sweetheart and likes to get up for Abi's night feeding on the weekend so he can give me a full night's sleep for 2 nights. Last night Abi got up a bit earlier than usual, around 2:45am instead of 3-4am. But he said she sucked 6 oz right down and drifted off immediately. What a good girl.

He was just getting settled for some good sleep when Andrew sounded off at about 4am. I knew right away from his voice that a cold was coming on. He had the raspy bark. Don beat me there though, so I let him see what Andrew needed as I laid listening. He was so tender with him, though Andrew was quite upset. He tried to settle him, then realized he need cold meds, so off they went down to the kitchen. Good old Triaminic nighttime. Then back up they came. I think he must have rocked him for a while, because I drifted back off to sleep after that. But it didn't last because he didn't want put down. And when daddy put him in the bed, Andrew decided it was mama's turn.

He yelped for me, and of course I obliged so we rocked and sang for a while. It took me convincing him he'd feel better with some sleep (how on earth did I manage that with this almost 3 year old?) and he laid down. I climbed back into the bed around 4:45am. We never heard a peep out of him until he came bounding down for the day at 7:30am. He feels pretty good this morning so I'm hoping this cold won't be too nasty.


Danielle said...

hope your little man starts feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I love when you overhear htoose sweet moments. how precious. Hope he feels better soon.

Heather T