Monday, September 26, 2005

Getting up

And getting some things down...
Mom had an OK Sunday. She's not jumping up and down by any means. But her NG tube (the icky one that goes in the nose, down to the stomach to keep it empty) has been removed so she is so relieved. She was allowed some cranberry juice and jello yesterday and that stayed down so eating in the near future is looking promising. She joked with Dad yesterday about a steak. He kept wanting to grill her a steak before going in for surgery, but her appetite was so spare she didn't take him up on it. On Saturday she said, "I surely could use that ribeye now."

She did have a second reaction to her pain pump meds. On Saturday the morphine began giving her hives so they switched her to demoral. On Sunday the same thing happened with the demoral. So now they are going to nix the pain pump all together and go with oral meds. They are going to give percocet a go. Lets hope that works!

Her doctor was off on Sunday, but he'll be back in this morning. They did some xrays of her chest yesterday to get a look at the fluid around her lungs. She's eager to hear what the plan will be to remove it and alleviate the pressure. She's still on oxygen, and has been for weeks, since she can't get a good deep breath. We are all eager to hear what Monday brings.

Incidentally, Dad was threatening to have a Wade fit. He is notorious for these and its where I get my sassy hot-headedness from I guess. The nursing staff was stretched this weekend. He said he felt bad for the poor nurse who was caring for mom and about a million others all by herself. So he didn't pop her head off. But he plans to talk to the doc about it this morning and get to the bottom of it. Its probably going to take talking to a nurse supervisor. But if someone doesn't show up for work, what can you do?

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