Monday, September 26, 2005

A froggy kind of day

On Friday we went to Park City as usual and we made our weekly trek to the One Dollar Store in the Boscov's wing. I know, I know its a bad thing to let a kiddo go pick out anything he wants... but its a dollar right? Anyway, Andrew picked out a bag of 5 frogs.
For a buck! That's twenty cents a frog. What mom could complain? Well he just loves his frogs. He's played with them most of the weekend. On Saturday he was in the kitchen while Don was making bottles for Abi and he placed this large acorn cap, collected for a walk a few weeks ago, on to this lovely frog's head and said, "Look Daddy, he's a painter!" Of course we think that he's brilliant for thinking of this. And it made us giggle too!

And speaking of froggy... Andrew had developed a nice case of laryngitus from his post nasal drip. And now Don is coming down with the same symptoms. Nana is of course froggy too, as I mentioned in the post about how she's feeling... her NG tube was removed and her throat is quite irritated.

Croak croak!

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