Saturday, September 24, 2005

2 New Babies

No, not me...
We've been watching a squirrel that lives in the side support of the power pole out front of our home for a couple years. But recently we noticed that more than one seemed to be sticking its head out. It appears that the resident is female and she has new babies!

You can see mom at the top, then she turned around and called her little ones out. First one, then the other. Andrew will sit at the window as long as they are busy. I just love how fascinated he is with animals. Truthfully, we've all been mezmerized by them when they are active. They will stay out of the little hole in the top of the support as long as no one is around. But if a car goes by or someone walks down the sidewalk, they scamper back in.

The only drawback is that they run up to the top of the pole then across the power lines. I never know what kinds of treats I'll find on my car when they sit up on the lines and have dinner. Most recently it was the green outer skin of a several walnuts. What a mess!

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