Friday, September 23, 2005

Messages in a bottle

Or in a blog...
So many of you dear friends are a daily encouragement to me and have expressed your prayers and well wishes for my mom. PLEASE post them here for her to see by commenting on this thread! I will be eternally indebted to you! Kisses!

Her name is Gayle.


Danielle said...

Gayle, I can't imagine what you must be feeling emotionally, physically, mentally or even emotionally but I want you to know that you have my prayers. I'm the friend of Wen's that live in North Alabama. I really wanted to come see you while you were in the hospital but it didn't go as planned. I wanted to be there in the place of Wen since she couldn't and her heart was hurting. She's been a blessing to me. I'm writing you this note to let you know that if you need anything you just let me know or let Wen know and she can tell me. My family has been greatly affected by cancer and I hate it. I firmly believe in the power of prayer. God still does miracles. You can count on my prayers for a miracle for you! Hang in there...we're behind you in love, prayers and support. *BIG HUGS* God bless you!
- Dani

Anonymous said...

Hello Gayle, I am very privileged to count Wendy as one of my friends. We met online while expecting our boys and I just wanted to let you know that she is the sweetest person I have ever met. In my mind that makes the woman who raised her a very, very special person. I'm sorry you are going through this. I'm guessing Wendy inherited her strength from you, so I know you will fight and win this thing. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
- Sandra

Anonymous said...

To Wen's mom, Gayle,
You have such a wonderful, caring daughter...she is such a good mother. To have such a daughter, you have to be an exceptional mother.
It saddens me to hear what you are going through. I wanted to let you know that you are in my daily prayers.

Karen said...

I am a friend of Wen's from the Mom group. I feel like everyone in the group is an extended part of my family and their families as well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am so glad I got to meet you at the mall after Abi was born. You have a wonderful daughter and wonderful grandchildren. God Bless you, and hang in there. Miracles do happen.

Anonymous said...

Please know you have lots of Yankee Mama's praying for you.May god Bless and comfort you. Remember when you look down and see that one set of Footprints in the sand God has not left you but is carrying you threw this time.
Heather T

Jules said...

Dear Gayle,

Like Sandra, I met Wendy when we were pregnant with our boys. I think Wendy is just a blessing to everyone she comes in contact with. I know I don't have to tell you how special she is... and she thinks the world of you. I want you to know that you have a little prayer chain going for you here in Colorado. We are sending good thoughts & lots of love.

Don said...

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed to have a sweet daughter like Wendy! I've never met you, but I can see what kind of women you are by the wonderful daughter that you raised.
You are in my prayers and in the prayers of many people. Many God strengthen you through the many prayers that are coming your way!
Blessings to you and your family,
Brandy (Wen's friend from her playgroup)

Anonymous said...

Gayle....our thoughts are with you. You have many people in PA thinking of you during this difficult time...Becca

Chastity said...


I'm another one of Wendy's friends popping in to say hello. I just want to let you know that you are in my family's thoughts and prayers. Our God is a BIG God! May He be your strength and comfort through this trial.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to share 2 poems I thought were wonderful, pieces of inspiration from Cancer survivors.

Armor for Survival

Let me love though love may go unrequited,
An empty heart is much heavier than a stone.
Let me have faith, though faith be often blighted,
Without it we are not strong enough to walk alone.

Let me laugh, even if it is bitter laughter
Mocking my own carefully kept secret sorrow ..
Love, Faith, and laughter ...
Armed with these three gifts,
I need not fear tomorrow, nor, tomorrow.

Sylvia L. Ramsey © 2004

Cancer Treatment

When cells become diseased
When the mind begins to doubt
Prayer is my treatment.

When there is no money
When there is no insurance
Prayer is my treatment.

When dreams begin to fade
When the light begins to dim
Prayer is my treatment.

When hope sparkles brightly
When support surrounds me
I know my prayers are answered.

When physical strength is maximized
When the mind knows no weakness
I know my prayers are answered.

When there is gratitude with each breath
When love is unconditional
I know my prayers are answered.

c) LRO 08-25-2005

May you have a productive treatment and a quick, permenant remission!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gayle,
I met Wen through our online group of expectant mothers three years ago and she has been a great source of strength and example of faith ever since. I hope that you are able to draw some strength at the moment from the knowledge that you have a great daughter who loves you very much! We are thinking about you here in France and sending you our prayers!

Rachel said...

Dearest Gayle,
I too met Wen online and an honored to call her a friend. Please know that you CAN beat this cancer with God on your side. You will always have my prayers not only for you, but also for your whole family. May God give you peace and strength through this uphill climb. Rest in his arms and know he will never let you go.


Margie said...

I'm a new friend of your daughter. She's such a friendly and happy person, so I know you must be the same way!

I'm wishing you the best. Keep you chin up, and never forget that you CAN beat this! Never stop believing!

Hugs to you!

Diane said...

I met your very sweet daughter online after my son was born. She has been a wonderful support and you are lucky to have her on your side. I am thinking of you and sending prayers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gayle,

I too am one of the girls that met Wendy through the internet, with the common interest of our pregnancies. I was so honoured that I got the chance to travel to the US from Australia to meet her, she is a very special person, which makes me think that you are one wonderful mother.
I am sorry to hear that you are going through this illness, and want you to know that my thoughts are with you and your family, I am sending you well wishes from across the ocean.

Anonymous said...


I know Wen through our not so little mom's group. She has been a wonderful friend to me. You have such a incredible daughter, she can only be the product of two terrific parents. May God bless you in your recovery.


Anonymous said...


I too have the pleasure of your daughter's friendship through our Mom's group. Please know that we are all praying for your speedy healing and recovery. God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

Dear Gayle,
I met Wendy through the mom's group here in PA. She has welcomed my family with open arms. I would like to return her kindness and welcome you into my prayers as you and your family begin to battle this disease. I believe in the power of prayer. Stay strong! God Bless!
Marisa T.

Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers! Know that God is always with you and will be by your side giving you the strength you need. Miracles happen trough the power of prayer!
Jessica(mom's group)

Anonymous said...


I, too, met your wonderful daughter Wendy online when we were pregnant with our son's. As you know, she is a strong, caring, sweet, beautiful woman. I am honored to call her my friend. She often talks of you and I can just feel the pride and love she has for you. Having met Wen in person twice was a huge highlight for me. The last time was while she was pregnant with Abi. She shared with us how she chose Abi's name. She wanted to honor her wonderful mother. I am sending you prayers and much love from Minnesota. God bless you! Love, Krist

Anonymous said...


Hello! I also know Wendy from our on-line mommies group. She has helped so many of us through so many of our difficulties and also shared so many of our joys. She is like a member of our family. Please take care and know that my thoughts and hopes are with you.


Anonymous said...


I'm slow in leaving my w/a new baby and all! It has given me a chance to hear so much more from Wen about how strong and positive you are. I will be sending all of my positive energy your way in the coming months as you battle and beat this cancer. I also just wanted you to know that I will be here to support and help Wen during this time w/whatever she may need. She is a wonderful women, mother, wife and friend....which says loads about you as her mama! Take good care of yourself.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gayle,
I'm yet another woman that met Wen through an online pregnancy board while we were both pregnant with our boys. I must tell you she's one of the most caring, generous and intelligent women I know and she's done so much to bring us all together even if the ride was sometimes bumpy. Meeting her in person (twice!) made that even more clear to me. I bet she owes it all to you, her precious Mom. Thanks for making Wen such a wonderful person and bringing her up in this world. :)

I hope you're hanging in there and, while I can't even begin to understand what you're going through, I can only send my sympathies and prayers, hoping for so much positive for you to happen in the times ahead, throughout the darkest clouds. A lot of us are keeping you and your husband (and Wen, of course!) in our prayers and think of you on a daily basis.

Veronica (from Montreal, Canada)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gayle,
I just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Your daughter, Wendy, is a wonderful lady. She speaks of you with great love and warmth so often. Our love for Wendy pours out to you. Take care...and have strength.

Melissa Gambirasi (Ellicott City, MD)