Saturday, September 24, 2005

Beat It

A very positive morning...
I just talked to mom and dad. Mom sounds great, considering she had a stomach tube running down her nose, oxygen in her nose, a foley cathader, an IV and an O2 sensor taped to her finger. Oh yeah, and an abdominal incision. EEESH!

Dad said they are both bright eyed today about the fight ahead of her. The doctor was in already today and he said that they are not giving up on her and she should not plan on taking it lying down. They have sent all of the removed tissue to pathology to see about the makeup of the cancer cells and they will come up with the best recipe of chemo drugs to give her. He says there is a chance of whipping it into remission.

Today her stomach tube will be clamped off and if she does not aspirate in the next 24 hrs, they will remove it tomorrow morning. Her cathader will be removed today sometime. They also plan to get her up for a shower as well. Go mom! Lots going on.

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