Thursday, September 29, 2005

Frazzled Wednesday

Yesterday was a crazy day. Poor Abi came down with Andrew's cold and in combination with the shots the day before, she was one UNhappy camper. We did make it out to the park for a playdate, but it was only by the skin of our teeth. I felt so badly for my little girl. She was totally miserable. Thankfully, when I finally got her to sleep last night, she slept through until 6am. She seems a bit better this morning, but warmish... I hope her fever from the cold/shots doesn't sky rocket.

Andrew is feeling loads better. He only has the stuffies now. He's been a sleeping machine this week though, as his body has fought the cold. Its been nice having him sleep a bit later in the mornings.

Better day...
Nana had an even better day on Wednesday. She will definitely be coming home today according to the doctor's visit yesterday. Dad went home last night so he could check on things and bring her portable oxygen tank to the hospital, so she'll have it for the trip home. Chemo will hopefully take care of the recurrent fluid build up and give her better breathing. And she'll start that in just about 2 weeks.

She's going to see about a wig if she's feeling up for an outing next week. The doc said she can expect to begin loosing her hair by the second chemo treatment, if not right after the first one. She's pretty chipper about it all though... what a trooper.

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Addie said...

I found your blog through comments on others and I'm really enjoying it. (Especially your coffee quote from Stephanie Piro. It made me laugh as I sit here drinking my second cup for the morning. You know I hated coffee until I had kids and became a stay-at-home mom.)

Anyway, you and your mom are in my prayers. I can not imagine how difficult this is at times for your whole family.