Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More later? LOL

Well in my last post I said, "more later." I meant later that week... but now its the next year. So much for good intentions.

Abi, our 3rd child, was born in July. She's 8w old today. How very precious she is! But whew... when I thought of a 3rd, I didn't realize how hard it is to have 2 so close in age. MG and Andrew are 7 years apart... having them less than 3 years apart is a LOT more work. A blessing mind you, but a LOT of work!

We've been busy, getting back into the swing of things with the playgroup. Oh how I love my girls! We were at the park just today and Andrew played for 3 straight hours. He even cried a little when I told him it was time to load up. Poor guy does love the outdoors. It was "a great day!" as he would say.

The kids both fell asleep on the way home... gotta love that action! I got a good hour to read the net and have a snack. Ahhh.. me time. Little bits here and there are what make the mommying time go so well. Its all about sanity!

Tonight I'm going to a girlfriend's house. Her DH is out of town and she's hosting a gatering for pizza and a movie. Abi and I are going. Andrew is staying home with daddy for some guy time. Its an impromptu thing and that's just fabulous! Ahhh... more me time! Wahoo! More on that later.

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