Monday, August 18, 2008

What does a gardener look like?

If you grow anything at all and haven't stumbled upon yet, you have to check it out. It's an incredible way to journal your own gardens, plus meet others and discuss what's growing... around the world.

Last week a journal entry sparked the most endearing and fun conversation about What Gardeners Look Like. I hung on every word and found so much comfort in what Kat Powers shared. I grew up much like she did and am trying to impart the dirt-in-your-toes philosophy to own my children. It's tempting, in the electronic age, to just plug them into something and do what I want. But it's so terribly unhealthy for their little minds. I'd rather them be out chasing bugs and digging in the dirt. More work for me of course, more water for baths, more band-aids required. But the pay-off is exponential.

So grab a cup of coffee and read this wonderful journal entry about her garden life... and all of the great replies that came after. And by all means, register for Folia if you're got anything in dirt around you! Just add me as your gardening buddy!

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