Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sneaking Out for Breakfast

Sneaking Out for Breakfast
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They didn't hear me go out the back door...

I was quiet.



I sat for as long as I could and watched the birds working my neighbor's sunflower heads. There were a few out in my back fence garden too. For a minute I was worried they were picking my seeds out, just planted yesterday. But I realized they were going for all of the goodies we turned up in the soil. It had been unworked for years.

I wish I knew the history of that spot. There was improved soil (probably topsoil, didn't see any vermiculite) in that new spot we turned over by the fence. I bet someone had flowers there sometime ago. Maybe herbs... there is some apple mint growing close by.

Mr. Stripey tomatoes and basil from the garden, mozzarella and a splash of vinegar for the bite, salt and pepper of course.

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