Sunday, August 10, 2008

Seedy Mail

Seedy Mail
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I ordered a few more things for the fall veggie garden and they just arrived yesterday in the mail. I love getting seeds, it’s like Santa came! Squeeee! I can’t wait to plant my fall garden but I’m trying desperately to be level headed. We’ve had a nice snap of cool weather for early August and it has me itching to plant. But, everything I read says wait until later in the month, even until Labor Day, to plan leafy goodies for fall. It’s so hard though… finding that perfect window… not to hot for the sproutings… not to late to mature. A real nail biter!

I do think I’ll sweet-talk Don today and see if I can get him to remove some sod by the back fence, to extended that garden… I want to get these peas in now so they will hopefully make before the first killing frost. (crosses fingers)

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