Monday, August 25, 2008

Ready for Kindergarten

Ready for Kindergarten
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Today, Andrew became a kindergartener! He was ready... he's positively thrilled. I'm not so sure I was ready.

How did this day get here so fast?

It was a very fun morning, just as we getting dressed we were hit with a heavy rain. The first real rain we've had here in more than a month. Timing is everything right? Thankfully it subsided just as it was time for us to take our walk down the street. Moms and Dads stayed with the children today, just for a short morning of school. Tomorrow will be a regular day.

Mrs. DePatto had them do a scavenger hunt of sorts, finding the areas of the room. They found the reading center, activity center, math center, the art center and so on. We also went for a walk to find the cafeteria, the office, the playground, the library and the bathrooms. Andrew feels more comfortable there now, knowing his surroundings.

I think I am comfortable too. I'm sad that he's on the school track now. Our lives will be very different... schedules, activities, meetings. Abi's playtime will be very different now too, I hope she's not lonely. We surely know how to keep busy... so that's just what we'll do.

Andrew's Desk At School Andrew and Mrs DePatto Andrew Alphabet

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Mandy Jo said...

These kids are growing too fast. Kenzie started 1st grade today. Hard to believe. Sounds like he has a great teacher. Hope he has a great school year!