Friday, August 08, 2008

Goodness Gardening

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Oh man, some days are just mouth watering when you garden, aren’t they? Gosh, I knew I needed to do some harvesting today, but I really didn’t expect to fill up the bowl. Is 9am too early for a salad???

My broccoli started coming in a week or so ago. Thankfully it’s taking its time and spreading itself out. We are getting about one head every 4-5 days… perfect pace for enjoying it. 3 out of 6 plants have now been cut.

The tomatoes are all starting to ready themselves now. Right now they are coming in at a eating-fresh pace, but in another 10 days or so I’ll be looking at preserving them. Definite salsa plans on the horizon. Perhaps some sauce… we shall see just what I have to deal with.

The cukes are coming to an end. I already canned 8 pints of dills last week. These are the last 2 larger ones… the ones still on the plant are the irregulars, but still yummy and growing. Once they are done in another week, I’ll be removing the plants and doing some fall goodies.

My neighbors are so jealous! I should probably share ;)

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Gratefulmom said...

Oh yum, salsa. You could always share with your online neighbors! ;)