Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who do these kids think I am?

Their mother?

Whew. Everybody has needs don't they? No matter what time of the day. Since going to bed last night, my children needed me at 1am, 5:15am, 5:50am, and finally at 6:08am, "my belly is hungry for some applesauce!"

We don't often have rough nights with our children. But sometimes these kids remind me they are just that. Kids. Chalk 1am and 5:50 am up to Abi. The 1am is rare for her... can't even remember the last time we were up other than an early morning bottle. 5:15am belongs to Andrew. He was calling out that his towel was messy. No clue.... guess he was dreaming. Somehow I managed to convince him it was not time to get up for the day, though I'm not sure if he ever went back to sleep between then and when he announced to the world at 6:08am that his belly was hungry for applesauce.

The kicker? I had just fed Abi a bottle and managed to sneak her back down from that 5:50am feeding and had crawled back in my toast bed at 6:06am thinking... "ahhh, we can all sleep in." Then I was ROBBED by applesauce boy. Robbed I tell ya!

But the real issue here? I could have easily gone to bed before midnight, when I did. But noooooo, I was all caught up in "me time" after the kiddos went down so great last night. So really its all my fault. That will teach me to have needs.

Now you'd think I sat down and whipped this post out in just a few minutes. But since I started typing I've made coffee, changed one diaper, poured a cup of milk, poured a cup of coffee, gotten socks on a boy's feet, found the Bob the Builder toys, put on a Bob the Builder video, made a slice of toast to chase that little boy's applesauce, nuked my cold cup of coffee, eaten a piece of peanutbutter toast, snapped Andrew into his new booster for the car to check for strap fit (on his insistence, not mine), removed him from the seat, changed a second diaper, refilled a cup of milk and went for my first potty break of the day. Oh and I poured my second cup of coffee, which I'm guzzling as I proof read. Now mind you, I'm not complaining... tis good to be employed. I am thankful that I have some little someones to get out of bed for each and every day. I wonder what my biggest girly needs from her mom today.

Needs. Everybody's got em'. My biggest need.... go to bed earlier!!!!

(On to cup number 3 by the time I sent this post.)

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