Monday, February 13, 2006

Snowy Landscape

So yesterday we were driving along out enjoying the snowy landscape after a big wallop of snow from a Noreaster and I glanced over as we are headed out of our little town at the farm down in the dip across from a lovely little covered bridge. I looked over because I know there is a lovely little stream there and standing by a tree, in all its snowy delight is a yak. Yeah. A yak! A yak in Mtown.

You know you just don't wake up in the morning and puzzle to yourself while brushing your teeth, "I wonder if I'll see a yak today?" or "When was the last time I saw a yak?" I think its pretty cool. I don't have a mental list of things I want to notice accidentally in my life, but IF I did... yak would definitely be on there. I'd be pulling out my list and marking a line through yak.

Yaks are known for their milk right? This family seems fairly crunchy, those natural, live off the land kind if I had to take a guess. They have a couple goats and cows too. But its not a big farm that is producing things in large quantities. They are on a hillside with their own garden and a barn lot big enough for just a few animals. Sounds like heaven to me. Except for the hill.

Anyway. A yak for crying out loud!

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