Tuesday, February 21, 2006

That's my peanut butter dammit!

OK, just to put your mind at ease, that's not normal language for our household, but that is exactly what came out of Andrew's mouth last night. "Dad, that's my peanut butter dammit."

Andrew was just playing with word sounds, as in sammich = dammit but it caught us by surprise as I'm sure you can imagine. Hearing him hoot in the kitchen from the top of his lungs, "peanut butter dammit" over and over. Don quizzed him on what it meant and he pointed to his sandwich. He asked if he'd heard that word before and he said no.

So he went about his merry way, calling out "that's my peanut butter dammit!" So as Don walked out of the kitchen he called back, "then eat your peanut butter, dammit!"

I had tears of laughter as I heard the exchange. Too funny.

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Addie said...

That's pretty funny! Hee Hee!