Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Heiny

Some very good mommy friends of mine have talked about cloth diapering on and off over the last few years and I knew it would never be for me. Until I actually saw one. E and C recently made the move to cloth diapering their smallest babies. Each of them had done it in the past with their other children, but didn't start the little ones off in cloth this time. I was very doubtful about it. That was until I saw how far cloth diapering had come since the dark ages. And did some reading online and discovered that it could save us several thousand dollars.

E lent me a couple to try and Don and I fell in love with the idea right away. I have slowly built my stash of fun, new cloth diapers over the last month and we are now cloth diapering Abi exclusively. And LOVING it. We have not purchased a disposable diaper for her since before Christmas. What a blessing!!


Robin said...

I did this for a long time with my first and really liked it. I just got too lazy this time around to pursue it. I washed all of my own. Did you get a service?

Anonymous said...

That's a very cool looking diaper, Wen! They have come a long way... wow!

Wen said...

Hey Robin! No, didn't do a service. I'm washing my own. Its a bit of an upfront cost, about $150-200 to purchase the diapers and inserts, but a savings over about $2000 of buying disposables. We love it!