Saturday, February 11, 2006

How does it happen?

Am I THAT busy that I can't post a few blog entries every few days? I can't believe its been since before Christmas that I last made an entry. I sit down and thing, yeah, I need to update, then a million other things happen with the children (bottles, diapers, giggles, rolls, playtime with Andrew, lunch... you know the drill) before I bounce through my online corner of the world and before I know it, the opportunity is gone again.

Well no more! I have lots to tell you about, so keep your eyes peeled over the next few days. Look for info about fluff and stash, chix with stix and an update on Nana.

We are all very well here. Don has just returned from his first ever business trip and was surprised at just how busy those trips can be... breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, dinner meetings and a million meetings in between meal meetings. He covered a large part of South Carolina and southern North Carolina in the last six days. The children we SO very glad to see daddy last night. He was the focus of their attention all evening. At one point he was walking around the house with Andrew on his right hip and Abi in his left arm. It really made me smile that our children love their daddy so. And that he takes the time to stop and smell their little heads. They will be young for such a minute time in our lives. We have to treasure each second.

A scrappy kind of day...
Today is an exciting day for me. After being "on duty" with the kids for 6 days round the clock, I'm going to scrapbook with a friend and her mom today all day long. A marathon crop of sorts. I can't wait! My friend, K, is teaching me SO much about scrapbooking. She has all the cool tool and goodies to work with and her mom is a scrapbooking genius! I can't wait to work with these two fine gals today!

Expecting a wallop.
Over the next 24-36 hours we are expecting a fair sized snow. We have had a strange winter. Lots of snow in December, warm and no snow in January. Now its February and finally winter again. My itchy skin tells me so. I'll be glad to see some flakes today. Its the best part of living in the north and enduring cold winters... the flakes!!


Stephanie said...

Hooray, Hooray! I was wondering where you were!

You've been missed!

Robin said...

So glad you're back. I understand how it gets away from you sometimes. I have thought of about 50 things to post recently, but have done nothing about it!

Enjoy scrapping and the snow!

V said...

So glad that you're 'back', Wen! I can't wait for an update about your mom!

Addie said...

Yeah! Your back. I was wondering where you went! Can't wait to catch up with ya!