Friday, March 21, 2008

Socks Of Kindness

Socks Of Kindness

Yarn: Regia Nordic Color in blue/tan

At playgroup today I finished off my latest project and I love everything about my Socks Of Kindness designed by Chawne, one of my long-time and super inspiring flickr contacts.

I think my favorite socks so far.

I like shorter socks so I did 4 repeats on the leg, took 5 repeats on the foot and they are a smidgen longer than they have to be... probably could have stopped with 4 and half repeats (I'm a size 7.5 shoe). These were such a fun knit, I might consider knitting the pattern again, perhaps as a gift.


KnitTurtle said...

They look awesome!!

JL said...

Good looking pair of socks, with nice colour too.

teejayhansen said...

They turned out beautiful. Love the design and rich color.