Saturday, March 08, 2008

I need to change my favorite color

My Favorite Color Has Changed
This will probably come as no surprise to those I knit with, but I was just studying my stash of sock yarn for what comes next after I finish my second Sock of Kindness. It dawned on me... every skein/hank/ball of yarn in my sock yarn stash has either raspberry pink, red, orange or brown in it.

I thought my favorite color was green! (scratches head)

I do love green, but I'm coming to realize I don't like to WEAR green. Apparently muted green is my favorite color for decorating (or so I think... I have no green walls in my home (scratches head again)... but I don't often wear green.

Hmmmm. I wonder what this means. My children may be devastated. There are certain constants in this life. Every night they sleep, they wake up to a new day. When they are hungry, there is a meal waiting. When they fall down, there is a hug waiting. And when they ask their mother what her favorite color, she ALWAYS says green.

What do I say NOW?


Twisted Knitter said...

Heh! I do the same; I also realize that there are some unflattering shades of green that would be impossible for me to wear, so I always SAY green but sure have a lot of reds and oranges in my sock yarn stash!

LOVE your sock yarns and am lusting after the Claudia's Peppermint Mocha.

JL said...

Green is my favourite too.

You got yourself lovely sock yarn stash.