Thursday, October 26, 2006

There's a Cello in my Toaster

And dice. Life is fun with a 1 year old. Dangerous but crazy fun too.

I was making some waffles for Andrew the other night and something inside the toast caught my eye when I went to get the waffles out. Something lavender and polka-dot. It was not food.

It was a little plastic dice piece. A junk toy from a vending machine at the mall. I keep my toaster on a shelf on the bottom of my kitchen island. Readily accessible. To everyone it seems.

There is something else down thereI called Don in to see the dice, sort of giggling under my breath knowing that we'd successfully escaped a fire. He looked in. And he said, "keep looking, there is something down there besides dice."

Sure enough, a little metal cello Christmas ornament rested on the bottom with the crumbs. I think we'd better keep an eye on the VCR and the disk drive.

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