Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Janene's Guide to Free and Easy Living

On my local playgroup message board someone posed the question "how do you keep on top of it all?" She is struggling with keeping the house clean, meals, caring for 3 children. You know, being a June Cleaver.
There were lots of answers and tips. But one really struck me, because we must have had the same Home Ec instructor. I thought her guide was blog worthy...

Janene's guide to free and easy living:

1) NEVER clean the house unless someone is coming over

2) NEVER have people over so you don't have to clean

3) Your only necessary accomplishment every day is to feed your kids and keep them healthfully clean. Not hygenically clean, heathfully clean. This means they are clean enough not to get sick. Everything else is negotiable

4) Your kids will remember love and attention 20 years from now, not your messy house

5) Life will only be this way for 5 more years, and then hopefully you can carve out 2 hours a day to do the stuff you feel guilty about not doing now while the kids are in school. Think about that. Only 5 years.

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