Monday, October 23, 2006

Ever feel like you've been in a vortex??

Not literally of course, but like you've been so sucked so deeply into your own schedule that life around your own personal borders seems to have passed you by?

I always did when I had a new infant. All 3 times, with each child, somewhere around 4 months or so it suddenly dawned on me that while I was so caught up new family dynamics the world was still going on. And it happened after my divorce too, I had about a year or downtime where I could see the hustle and bustle in the distance, but I wasn't part of it really.

In the last 2 weeks we've had so much stuffed into our family schedule, I've felt like the little metal ball inside a pinball machine just bouncing from one gig to the next. I knew there was a world out there, because we were doing things involving the world, driving cars, flying on airplanes, celebrating birthdays, going to hospitals... it was all living and breathing. But I could only focus on my children and who needed what, when. Whew.

And today its Monday. Its all done. And suddenly I'm back from my own little circus of activity. Its quiet now. I like quiet.

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