Monday, October 23, 2006

Bama Trip

Click the photo for a slideshow of all our Bama moments.

Andrew, Abi and I are back from a whirlwind trip to Alabama for 5 days. It was a bittersweet visit because even though we were there for a happy visit with my parents and Mary Grace, mom ended up in the hospital with pneumonia while we were there. She keeps apologizing to me for that, the stinker. I mean, you really can't choose when you're ill can you? Wouldn't that be convenient??!?!

She is still in the hospital, which is imposing a break on her chemo. That is a relief but the chemois much needed of course. Meanwhile, mom is struggling with getting the congestion to go away, all the while struggling to get enough oxygen IN. I take for granted my own breathing. Until I saw her working to get bronchial spasms under control (which you can't really do it turns out), I never really thought of how scary it is to loose, or loose control over, your own breath. That was so hard to see. And even harder for her to endure.

We didn't have much time for any running around while there. My grandmom came to us to visit, at mom's, as I didn't have wheels this stay. I did manage to see a University of Alabama game, my alma mater, while there. A very dear girlfriend from North Alabama had tickets... she ditched her hubby and kidnapped me for the game. What a treat! They defeated Olde Miss in overtime, 26-23. Very cool! It was the first time I'd been to a game since I graduated in 1992. Rolllllll Tide Roll!!

We also celebrated Andrew's birthday a bit early, so he could share it with big sis Mary Grace, Nana, Papaw and Granny. It was a fun evening... we filled out bellies with papaw burgers, cake and shared lots of smiles and presents. Just lovely!

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