Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy 4th Birthday, Andrew!!!

I can't believe you're 4, my sweet baby boy!

We delighted in numerous celebrations over the last week. One Diego cake in Alabama. One set of cupcakes at Grandma and Dzaidzai's house on Saturday. A second Diego cake with friends at a bonfire and pumpkin patch event on Saturday night, and mini-cupcakes with preschool friends to boot! We didn't have an offical "party," but Andrew got to share his special day, and days for that matter, with all the people he loves. What a great opportunity to share the fun!


Olive said...

That cake looks fantastic! Did you make it yourself?

Ann said...

Wow! Super mom over there in Manhiem. Loved the bama slide show too. You've a trio of cuties for sure.