Friday, September 14, 2007

Memories Bowl

Memories Bowl
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This was a 2006 project... I knitted 3 of these Memories Felted Bowls for Christmas last year. As I walked past mine today, I realized I'd never taken pictures of it because I didn't want to reveal them last year before gift giving time.

It was a fun knit, much like painting or making pottery, as you control the color as you knit down the bowl. Its a sock weight yarn, held doubled as you knit in the round. Super cool. The turn is achieved by knitting one purl bump then beginning the decreases. I stretched it over a round glass water pitche to get the nice clean shape.

Memories Bowl BottomThe pattern calls for the Knitpicks yarn, Memories, hence the pattern name. But I wasn't too keen on any of the colorways so I searched out another yarn, which was discontinued, but I found it on Ebay. Its called Lanscapes and is a very similiar yarn to Memories... also 100% merino and felts up so nice.

Yarn: Landscapes in Mesa from Knitpicks (discontinued)
Pattern: Memories, felted bowls from Knitpicks

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KnitTurtle said...

Holy crap-look at you blogging so much! YAY! Anywho-sooo sweet of someone to put that pumpkin out. That's awesome. I love that there are still people out there like that. And the bowl! How cute! I don't think I've seen that in person. Which makes sense because I only met you in January!