Friday, September 14, 2007

Fairy Pumpkin

Fairy Pumpkin
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Have I ever mentioned how great my neighbors are??

The pumpkin fairy has been to visit this week. I am not sure which neighbor it is, I have 2 in mind, but one placed a small, beautiful pumpkin underneath our pumpkin vines in the last couple days. We have a monster plant out back but so far its been fruitless. That beautiful blossom and baby pumpkin in my photostream from last week rotted off into the grass. I'm assuming its the wet weather we've had.

I've been worried that Andrew may not get a pumpkin from this summer-long project and was talking to the neighbors about it, on and off as they commented about our monster vines out back. One of them decided to take the matter into their own hands... on my children's behalf. I love that. I love that people do still care these days. And I love my neighbors.

Andrew hasn't seen it yet. Its very hard to wait. (bites nails)

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Esoteric Knitter said...

What great neighbors!