Sunday, September 23, 2007

LCMK is 5!!!

Founding Members
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View the slide show:
LCMK's 5th Anniversary Picnic

Goodness, I can barely believe it. The small group of 12-15 women that started in September of 2002... when I was pregnant with Andrew... has grown to a group of over 40 strong and wonderful women. Plus all of our families. It makes me teary.

We've been through so much in that time. From a meager start of one playgroup per week. To what is now practically a 5 day, 2 night offering of activities per week. Just amazing. I'm so proud of each and every member.

There has been a lot of water under the bridge. Some bright and sparkling, some brown and murky. But most of us have stuck it out, worked through the tough moments and hung in there for the sake of our children. What a blessing for everyone involved.

Pictured above are me, Keir and Heather... all founding members. To see the slide show of the 5th anniversary picnic held today, click here LCMK's 5th Anniversary Picnic. A huge group of us met today for a cookout, playtime, arts and crafts, face painting, bubbles and a pinata party. Woowoo! What a great way to celebrate on a perfect day.

I wish my mom could see these. She met and heard about so many of these fantastic women and children. I hope she was looking down today enjoying it too.

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