Friday, April 27, 2007

Love In Two Portraits

Love In Two Portraits
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My dad. My parent's wedding portrait.

In May of 2006, 7 months before my mom succumbed to ovarian cancer, mom and dad renewed their wedding vows.... 42 years they were together. Mom had always dreamed of a 50 year vow renewal. When it became evident that she would not make it those next 8 years they decided it was the right time to renew on their anniversary.

Dad was sitting beside my mom (out of frame) and watching every move she made. This was after the service, after lunch. Mom was exhausted, with her oxgen tube on for breathing, trying to stay "pretty as a bride" for the day. But whew, she was tired. So was dad... you can see it in his face.

I didn't know how strong my dad was until my mom got sick. He was always a very strong man, physically, and always there as a husband and father. But the kind of strength I'm talking about doesn't come out until super-human abilities are required. And man, does he have it.

He is my own hero. I love you dad.

For those who have lost... but most importantly, loved first.

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