Friday, May 04, 2007

Babys Got A Brand New Big Bag Complete

Babys Got A Brand New Big Bag Complete
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All done and drying out back. I'm in love! This is my drag everything to the park bag. (happy dance) Its a very quick knit... only 2 weeks for this SAHM.

This is my second time to knit Maia's Baby's Got A Brand New Big Bag. The first was from a recycled Alpaca sweater from my girlfriend Lauri. It was a very enjoyable knit... and the bag is incredible. So incredible that I wanted one for myself!

I used Original Lopi by Reynolds and the only adjustment was that the yarn not doubled worsted... its chunky so I knit single yarn.

Other pics while in process:

Big Bag Progress

23: Park Day Knitting

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Ann said...

Wow that looks great!!