Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Birthday Cupcake - knitted
Originally uploaded by wenjomatic.

I'm 37 today. ACK! I'm 37 today?!?! Just kidding, I'm totally ok with that. I've marked my the day by knitting up this fun little cupcake just to make me happy. It makes me smile. :) The kids have had a great time playing with it in the toy kitchen.

KnitPicks Shite Worsted in Sunflower (bottom)
Lion Chenille in White (icing)
KnitPicks Sparkles in Sunset (sprinkles)

Pattern by: ax174, Pattern Here


carole said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm coming up on 37, too. It just seems... strange.

Love that cupcake!!

Anonymous said...

What a great cupcake! What did you use for the cherry on top??

JL said...

Happy Belated Birthday.