Friday, December 01, 2006

He's just a regular guy!

We were at the mall yesterday and stopped by so Andrew could sit on Santa's lap and see him for the first time this holiday season. Andrew had stars in his eyes. This age, 4, is such a fantastic age for Santa... they really grasp the "magic" of it all.

While Andrew was on his lap rattling off his list, Santa did a little discrete yawn behind his white glove and I said, "Andrew I think Santa needs a nap." Santa said, "yes, I just had a yummy lunch, now I'd like to lay down and rest a while. Ho ho ho!!" (this was a great Santa). Andrew screwed his face around as he processed that. As we walked away, he asked me, "mom, why does Santa have lunch like we do?" I told him Santa was a regular person, just like us, who has a special job at Christmas time. His eyebrows raised up and his eyes got as big as saucers... he didn't say a word as we walked on. But I saw the light go on. It was so wonderful watching him take it all in.

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